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  • $75.00

    Every. Single. Day. metal wall art

    Takes 7 - 10 days for fabrication.  Pick any from here or come up with your own.

  • $60.00

    The Angry Therapist Hoodie

    American Apparel.

  • $60.00

    The Angry Therapist Hoodie

    American Apparel.  

  • $30.00

    Burnout Love Hard tank

    Woman's racer back by Next Level.  Burnout material.   

  • $35.00

    love me anyways tank

    soft cotton, men's and women's.

  • $25.00

    "Find your cape" Street Art Prints

    Street art for your home or office or Crossfit box.  These are newspaper thin so you want to frame them or paste them on ply wood.


  • $9.00


    The book's "self help in a shot glass" system provides a clear, concise method for healthy personal growth, while achieving an enjoyable read. Breaking down traditional barriers, Kim explains how he developed his system through his clinic work, life coaching, and his experiences, sharing stories from his own life. Kim's writing style creates a highly relatable and practical system for the reader to follow, while providing laughs and smiles along the way.

  • $15.00

    Cataylst Life hat

    By The Angry Therapist

  • $18.00

    Fuck it Friday Mug

    Get one for your boss.

  • $35.00

    Bounce (a survival kit)

    7 steps to getting over an expired relationship.

    Over an hour of donwloadable mp3 audio.

    Online workbook with written exercises for each step.

    3 month free membership to The Angry Therapist online community.

    (Everything will be email to you, including the password to log in to the community.)

  • $35.00

    Hypnotherapy for Crossfittters

    A 35 min MP3 audio to help condition your subconscious.

    - Listen while going to bed

    - Visualization

    - Build confidence

    - Overcome mental blocks

  • $9.00


    A look into the mental and emotional side of CrossFit and how it affects performance. Mind/Set includes mental tips to improve your performance as well as a guide to explore, process, and dissolve your mental blocks. A must read for any CrossFitter who believes the journey is just as important as the Whiteboard.


  • $9.00


    A straight to the point list of dos and don'ts that every man should follow and every woman should seek in a man. "68" is a guide for men and a standard for women.


  • $950.00

    Sleep Train Your Child Program

    Dear Tired Parent,

    Are you feeling so tired that you feel you can hardly get through the day?  Do you want to have more energy for you child and your partner but just cannot seem to get a break?  Are you beginning to feel that nothing you have read or you have been advised to do works?

    You are not alone. Thousands of parents struggle with getting their child to sleep and, better yet, getting them to stay asleep. Lindsay takes a love-based, evidence-based approach to sleep training children, looking at the child’s needs, energy levels, and daily schedule in order to ease him or her into this new transition. Lindsay does not believe in letting a child “cry it out” for hours into the late night. She offers a more loving, gradual transition so that your children build support and trust in you, while also fully educating you on the process beforehand so that you feel confident and prepared.

    What we will cover: What routine supports a healthy nights sleep such as napping and feeding, how to get your child to sleep, and how to respond when he/she wakes.


    Here is how it works:

    Phase 1: Creating a safe space and routine to set your child up for easy sleep.

    Phase 2: Your child begins to sleep independently with high level of support.

    Phase 3: Your child begins to sleep independently with low level of support.

    Phase 4: Follow-Up, Troubleshooting and Planning for Future Needs


    Package Includes:

    *Package options negotiable based on individual family’s needs.

    *All sessions available but not required.

    • 10 Online Sessions or 10 In-person Sessions (1 hour each)
    • 3 Check-In Phone Sessions (30 minutes each)
    • 10 Emails
    • Sleep Training Worksheets and Informational Materials


    $1400 In-Person Sleep Training Package

    $950 Online Sleep Training Package
    Individual Costs:
    20 Minute Consultation FREE
    Materials FREE
    $75/Online Session
    $125/In-Person Session
    $55/Phone Session

  • $850.00

    Trauma Package Program

    Step 1 - Understanding Trauma - What does it mean to be traumatized? What is the extent of the injury?

    Step 2 - Your Story - What are the things that have traumatized you? How are these things impacting the present? 

    Step 3 - Adaptation Tools - Now that we know what your trauma is and how it's operating, we'll work together to develop some tools that will help you cope and work through your trauma, empowering you and disempowering the past. 

    Step 4 - Check-in - Once a month check in to see how the tools are working and if they need to be changed or supplemented. 

    Package Includes: 

    12 Skype Sessions - 1 hour each 

    3 Check-in Sessions - 30 mins each 

    10 Emails 

    Trauma Workbook 

    Educational Reading and Research as needed (I have a lot of resources about trauma that I can share with you if you are interested, and I will plan to research facets of trauma that I may be unfamiliar with as we come across them and will share that research with you) 


    Read MC's bio on the Team Angry page.