Aileen Uy


A few words.  [me + you]
I am not a self-professed guru on life or love, nor am I an expert on very many things.  I don't lead a perfect life, have a perfect body, or the perfect relationship.  I am, by no means, qualified to tell you how to navigate your life when I'm barely making it through my own.  
Unfortunately I don't have the solutions to all of your problems.
But fortunately, YOU do.  
My role is to guide you... in the direction that you chose to go.  My job is to help you understand your fears, make friends with the restless little monsters in your head, assist you in tapping into your own intuitive power, and empower you to feel a sense of confidence in navigating through your own mental maze.  I don't have a map to give you.  But I can help you create your own. 
Educated and familiar with the different modalities taught within the therapeutic community... and then some.  I work towards helping you understand why the fuck you are feeling the way you do, and helping you create a way out of whatever rabbit hole you fell into.  My practice includes psycho-education, understanding how the brain impacts the mind and the mind impacts the spirit; traditional therapeutic practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Self Psychology, Positive Psychology, and a "fluffier" version of Psychoanalysis; paired with some hippier dippier new age practices such as Mindfulness, meditation, visual & auditory healing, learning to tap into your own intuition, and "healing the inner child."  All custom blended with a shot of positivity, encouragement, syrupy sweet goodness, or a kick in the proverbial ass... depending on your palate and preference.
Also specially trained in Parent Training (stress management, positive parenting strategies, and behavior modification).  
You are your own life expert.  I'm just here to help you get to know your new found best friend: the legendary guru that is you.  You just haven't met you yet.  
Let's talk.  [web / phone / locally in Los Angeles]
$75 per single session; $250 for a package of 5 (discount of $175)
* Custom packages and sliding scale rates available upon request

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