Andrew Mayocchi


How do you explain all of the complexities that make up a person?

To keep it simple here are some of the words that can be used to describe the roles that I play in life. I am an artist, athlete, coach, father, seeker, teacher and a writer. I am a culmination of the roles that I play in life and the lessons that I have learned and yet at the same time I am none of these things.

So are you.

So who or what am I then if I am not the things above? I now realize that the self goes much deeper. So while these things are important, I am also simultaneously the underlying potentiality of my life and at the core of my being I am simply a person with a lot of love and compassion to give.

My life has been a series of challenges and the associated learnings which have led me to where I am today. I have had to overcome low self esteem, anxiety, depression and poor relationship patterns. I talk from personal experience during sessions with clients and I know that my life is much more than the beliefs that underlay these symptoms and I know that yours can be too.

I now have a passion for helping other people to overcome what is holding them back and I feel strongly that a great deal of what we experience comes down to the perspective that we choose to take. Joy and love are firstly things that we must find within ourselves before they ever truly show up in our external lives.

Coaching sessions focus on identifying the patterns that exist within their lives and the underlying causes of these patterns. By working with clients it is possible to reframe the beliefs which are holding us back and to approach life with a new perspective to get a new outcome.

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