Beth Derrick


“You are not everyone else.”  - My Mom

Growing up, this was my least favorite quote out of Momma's kind, loving, nurturing mouth, and I now realize it’s the greatest gift she’s ever given.  Growing up in a tiny Texas town of 1000, I just wanted to fit in, so I could make it through each miserable day with minimal bullying and awkward interaction. Now, I am so thankful I stand out - I’ve learned to use it for the benefit of my own growth, and more importantly, the benefit of others.

A few weeks ago, while watching my SUV go through the car wash, the term Organic Catalyst popped into my head, and, like everything else in life, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. My belief is life happens organically, without being forced or faked. The 2 F words, fighting and faking, anything have never gotten me anywhere or anything good. Listening to my gut, my intuition, spirit, the universe, signs all around me in everyday life from a leaf appearing on my paper as I write to red flags in relationships, to serious thyroid imbalances at 16 and life changing kidney stones at 25, I believe in the powerful knowledge we already possess within ourselves, and letting that shit out to better your life, get your into a happier healthier state of living, and being in a life, body, environment and place you will thrive in.

Feelings to emotions, thoughts to actions, dreams to reality, body care to the food we eat, I believe in natural flows over forced, organic over processed, nutritious and whole over partial, synthetic and fake. Life has brought you to this point in your journey, take a step my direction and let’s have a chat. Structure is cool and plays its part in this beautiful messy life, as does free flowing freak flag hippie dippy woo woo hugs and shit.

Let’s talk about the shit no one wants to:

How cluttered are your home and car?

What embarrasses you?
What do you put in and on your body?
How and what do you feel? Notice everything, from your toenails to your ear lobes, and everything in between.
What do you feed your soul? Your mind? Your relationships?
What blocks you from experiencing your full potential?
What makes you so motivated, nothing could stop you from the end goal?
Do you: Love yourself? Like yourself? Enjoy yourself? Respect yourself? Adore yourself? Laugh at yourself?
What is your relationship with money?
What do you want out of life, and what do you do each day to get there?

You are you, and it’s perfectly okay to be yourself. Let your fucking freak flag fly!  (Say that 4 times fast!!!)

I am based in the Dallas, Texas area, available for in person sessions within the metroplex and available for online and phone sessions for everyone else in the world.  I have 16 years of corporate experience, love traveling and am comfortable talking with anyone from any walk of life from C level executives to the more powerful force of our society: stay at home moms, students and teachers. I have a special place in my heart for those struggling with issues related to LGBTQ stresses in all areas from coming out to gender identity.

Come one, come all, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Let’s make the best of it during our time here together.

Talk soon,
The Organic Catalyst

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