Chad Cryder (Catalyst Instructor)


10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Gay BFF

I am a gay BFF, and actually quite good at it too. I have been one for nearly my entire life. Even before I knew I was gay, I was emotionally supporting the women in my life. Heck, even straight guys flocked to me to help them understand the strange and scary emotions they were feeling as they stumbled through life.

I am a fabulous gay BFF. I love a great story and have plenty of experiences to understand your pain, your joy, and your frustrations. I don’t mind whining, but I will call bullshit if you would rather play a victim than a hero in your life.

I am an honest gay BFF. And while I enjoy walks on the beach, a good book, and my cats, I hate rainbow farting fluff that mucks up a real conversation and an honest connection.

But enough about my gayness. I am a life coach, a PhD student, an intuitive with four active spirit guides, an author, a speaker, an ordained minister and a relationship expert. I’ve been around the block a few times. Nothing surprises me, and nothing inspires more than helping you realize how amazing, how powerful, and how resilient you are.

I know that deep down there is an awesome person buried underneath the crappy excuses you have been blowing for years. I know that life isn’t easy. I know it is easier to play a martyr than a champion. I know that it is easier to be a spectator than a contestant. But an amazing life is never earned without experiencing hardship, heartache, and pain.

If you still aren’t sure why you need a gay BFF like me, then here are 10 or so reasons to help change your mind:

  1. A gay BFF always wants you to be fabulous and willingly helps you get there.
  2. Who better to give you male sex advice?
  3. Ladies, your gay BFF understands and can explain the male brain.
  4. No need to worry about menstrual cycles syncing up!
  5. Guys, who better to tell you what women are thinking about you than your gay BFF.
  6. Your gay BFF loves texting and will talk for hours on the phone.
  7. A gay BFF is snarky, funny and honest.
  8. Your gay BFF will buy you a drink and not expect anything from you.
  9. A gay BFF understands the power imbalance you feel in society and in your life.
  10. A gay BFF will love you even when you are going through hell.

Bonus: A gay BFF will tell you if your outfit enhances your curves while comforting and supporting your self-esteem and self-worth.

I am Chad, your new gay BFF. Let’s talk.


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