The Purpose and Calling Tribe


Finding your Purpose & Calling Tribe (starts Tomorrow!)

The Purpose and Calling tribe will be an adventure outside of your comfort zone, designed to help you discover and fulfill your purpose with intention and from a place of wholeness and authenticity. It's the beginning, or perhaps the continuation, of a lifelong journey to happiness and success on your own terms.


Examine your life currently and achieve a higher level of self-awareness;

Discover the passions and values that truly inspire you;

Explore your strengths and their importance in fulfilling your purpose;

Identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals;

Develop action steps to implement which will bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose and calling.


You feel as if you have no purpose while everyone around you has a clearly defined purpose and goals;

You feel frustrated and unfulfilled in work, your relationships, and/or other areas of your life;

You lack concrete goals, or you find it difficult to follow through with achieving your goals;

You want to achieve success on your own terms;

You wish to live a conscious life of your creation that has direction and meaning