Deanna Moffitt (Catalyst Instructor)


Talk show legend Johnny Carson once gave this sage advice to Steve Martin: "You'll use everything you learn." That advice is true for me as well. While working as an IT project manager for a Fortune 1000 company in Portland, OR, I often asked myself the question, "What if?" One day I took action to seek out the answer. I quit my job, sold my home and moved to Chicago to pursue my passion for improv comedy. All without a script. While in Chicago I performed with every comedy improv theater in the city; worked and traveled for 16 months on cruise ships for the famed Second City; taught foundational leadership skills using the tenets of improv to countless companies, organizations and MBA programs; hosted and emceed hundreds of corporate events, conventions and conferences, always bringing a fun, lively energy; co-founded the storytelling show This Much is True and hosted the very popular Story Sessions live show and weekly podcast.

Over the years, I turned “What if?” into “Why not!” What I ultimately discovered is that my love of performing is bolstered by my desire to help people find their own passions. I get really jazzed when I see people plug into their lives, when they flip the switch and start saying “Yes, and” to experiences. What I know for sure is that stepping out and saying “Yes, and” to life can be scary. The alternative is staying small, staying safe, and one day having regrets for all that you did not do. I believe that we only have one shot at this life, why not make it exactly what you want? Let me help you get there. Let me be the one to whisper, “This part is only scary for awhile.”

My coaching style is supportive, warm, and empathetic but believe me I’m no pushover. If you work with me, I’m assuming you want to make changes in your life. My expectation bar is high; the good news is I already have faith in you. If you want it, you can do the work to get it. And we’ll have some fun along the way. My niche is based on the research of Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., Martin Seligman, Ph. D. and Kristen Neff, Ph.D. and others. My brain always works better when I understand the why. I focus on: • Understanding the importance of positive resonance and how to get more of it. • Creating more love in your life with or without a partner. • Becoming your most self-compassionate self. • Making that *impossible leap in life. *It only feels impossible right now, believe me…it’s doable. Are you ready to say “Yes, and” to your life?

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