Elizabeth Olson


Hello. My name is Elizabeth Olson. My training is as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but I am a student of life just like you. I am in my 40s and during the past few years, I began to question what the next chapter of my life was going to look like. I had the feeling that instead of living life, life was living me. This was after being married and a stay-at-home mother for several years. I felt disconnected from myself and wondered who I was anymore. I have always worked in a helping profession but knew I wanted more transparency and authenticity in my work with clients. And to find a career I was passionate about. So the transition to life coaching has been a perfect fit for me! I love the concept of the wounded healer because I have struggled with many of the same issues other women go through during their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Because of this, I am able to bring to the table real-life experiences in dealing with these struggles.

I love to learn new things and continually work on my own journey of self-growth. Recent endeavors include paddle boarding and meditation. I am also extremely passionate about empowering women to realize their hopes and dreams. I believe serving others is the highest calling, and I have a genuine and deep desire to be a catalyst of change in other women's lives. This is why I coach.  I strive to help clients create a safe space to express, explore, and take steps toward a more fulfilling life.

Do you want to make changes in your life but don't know where to begin? Do you talk yourself out of pursuing your dreams before you even start? What will the next chapter of your life look like? Whether it's marriage, career, health, relationships, your big dreams, or something you have always wanted to do, together we can challenge and overcome your fears and make a plan for change, growth, and the life you want to live!

I currently offer 3 free sessions to new TAT members. Introductory rate of $75 for non-members. Packages also available.

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