Erin Davis


I’m a noticer. All of my life, I’ve paid attention to the little things that most people overlook. I’ve looked for patterns in behavior that would help me make sense of the way people live their lives. You know that person who may not say much in the beginning, but then says something that makes you sit up a little straighter and wonder how they crawled inside your head? I’m that person. (As long as I’ve had some caffeine.)

I’m a believer. I believe in my gut that you are capable and worthy of pursuing the life that right now, you’re only imagining. I believe that we can help each other grow better, together. I believe that sometimes all we need is a shift in perspective.

I’m an innately curious mind. I have lots of questions for you--I want to know how your world works. How did you get here? Who told you things had to be this way? Who told you that YOU have to be this way? More importantly, who do you need to be?

Call me a coach, call me a strategist, call me an accountability partner. Whatever title you want to use, I’m here. And I’m here for you.

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