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Creating change in your own life is hard work.  It takes time, commitment, planning, and grit.  Grit is the stuff that gets you up and moving when you are bone tired and grit its the stuff that allows you to push, just a little harder, to meet your goal.  Creating a game plan to meet your goal and developing the habits that will sustain you through goal accomplishment are as important as executing the tasks themselves.  The “Grit and Glory” package is designed to give you the support that you need to create your game plan, and develop the habits and motivation that you will need to push through.

We will look at your life objectively and develop strategy and techniques to bust through your roadblocks, quiet the chatter in your head, and develop motivation to kill fear.   The techniques that I offer are different for every client: we might do an assessment of your strengths, I might help with research on a particular project, or the biggest obstacle might be in your head and we will focus on how to redirect those negative thought processes.  The whole point is for you to gain the confidence to take off the training wheels and go for it.  You will leave our time together with techniques and self-knowledge that you can put to work.  Sessions are phone based. We e-mail in between.  I want to hear from you.

  • 500 for 5 sessions - must be used weekly or bi-weekly (unless something crazy happens).


I do require a free get-to know you session from all prospective clients so that we can make sure we are a good fit for each other.  I take on a limited number of clients at a time and want to make sure that I am the right person to truly help you.

If you are thinking about coaching or would like to work with me I suggest picking one thing that you want to deal with, work on, get through, or change.  We will tackle it together, and then you will go on with your life, equipped with a bunch of customized tools and techniques that you can rely on again and again.  

I have coached someone through writing her dissertation. Her block wasn't the work itself, it was needing to rewire the way that she was working and get a handle on distraction.  I coach people through divorce and break-ups.  Major life change is crazy and everyone experiences it differently.  The important thing is to keep your head screwed on so that you can heal and continue to move forward with your life.  I coach people through finding new relationships.  I coach people through weight loss.  I coach people through career transition, I coach coaches through the process of finding their voice…   You might have noticed that the only common word here is through.  That is what coaching is about.  It has a start and a finish and gets through your shit to become a better, more stable, more powerful version of yourself :)

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