How to Spot Red Flags in Your Relationship (WEBINAR)


Many end up in dysfunctional or abusive relationships, or relationships that expire because they don’t know exactly what red flags to look for. They are blinded by attraction / emotions and suddenly they’re in something that is either unhealthy or short lived.

I created this WEBINAR to help you zone in on what key traits to look for that creates cracks in your relationship, so that you can address them before they shatter your relationship.

This list was created through coaching thousands of people both on and offline with their relationships and discovering what ingredients are needed to make a relationship not only work, but thrive. And of course, also everything I’ve learned in my own personal experiences.

This webinar also includes ACTION STEPS on what to do about these red flags. Because just knowing what’s wrong is only one half of the coin. It doesn’t fix anything. Change requires execution. You have to do something about them.

Finally, this webinar is also for people who are SINGLE so you know what you’re bringing or not bringing to your next relationship. This course then can act as a measure of your own growth in and what you may need to work on to maneuver matter relationships.

Either way, it’s a great investment. You deserve to relationship better so pass on the new Lululemons. They’re overpriced anyway.

And hang with me LIVE for a couple hours.


Seats are limited.

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