Jana K. Ellis


My name is Jana K. Ellis, I’m a Catalyst Life Coach. The passion that lives in every fiber of my being is to believe in people. To believe in you. To believe in this process called life and wherever you are at—whatever you are struggling with—to guide you through difficult times and to be a shining light upon you. I specialize in trauma, abandonment, depression, accountability, transitions and transformations of any kind. Through my own life long struggles and experiences,. I draw upon my life as a very successful athlete and collegiate swim coach to get after helping you create some movement in your life, set goals and dream again while deepening your relationship to the Self—the core of who you are.

I’m living proof that healing is possible….that living the life you want is possible. It is your birthright. I’m constantly inspired by the will of the human spirit in each and every one of us to continue to heal, make changes and ultimately discover a life that is integrated with great meaning and deep personal satisfaction.

I offer 4 free sessions for TAT members and $75.00 for non-members.

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