Jennifer Finley


When I decided to rebuild my life, I didn't become another person.  I simply became more of myself.

When my marriage ended, I was broke, depressed, had few friends, no hobbies & I didn't know who I was anymore.  I had to accept that I wasn't going to have the life I planned on having.  When I didn't have the approval or acceptance of those I loved, I received some magical gifts.  I was swimming in an ocean of sadness, and I could not see the shore.  I learned that sadness would not kill me.  I learned that since nobody approved of me, I might as well approve of myself and learn how to love my own life without having to worry about pleasing anybody but me.  Now, I have a life filled with magical, loving people, and I do things that bring me joy.

I learned how to listen to and trust my heart. 

I help people remember who they are.  I help people sing back their beauty. Everybody is beautiful including you.  No matter what happened or didn't happen, there is goodness and inherent worth in everyone.  I'm Jennifer Finley, and I'm a certified life coach who specializes in divorce recovery, becoming more of who you are, and starting a small business from scratch. 
I was born and raised in Montana where I currently reside.  I’m a poet, a mother of three, a runner, and I do yoga.  I once lost 60 pounds, and I have left great jobs for ones that felt more meaningful which means I know a thing or two about finding my worth and starting over.
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