Krishna Kha


Come up for air… breathe.
I am a catalyst of soul reintegration and alignment of the Spirit into awakening their true sense of Self, power and authenticity. I specialize in relationships, separation, recovering of self love, self care and helping you move forward when you are feeling stuck.

I am a meditation teacher, a yogi, an energy worker and a respiratory therapist who works in critical care in a hospital but mostly I am a human being who has learned a lot through intimate relationships. Being in the medical field has taught me a lot about listening and having compassion for all beings in any situation. As a first responder in cardiac arrest I have come to understand a lot about loss, life and death, surrendering and trusting the process of a Higher plan. I have also learned a lot about disease and how people lose control of their lives and well being until it is sometimes too late. My goal is to help people before they get to the diseased state since I believe the disease process is psychosomatic. Everything is interconnected, your thoughts, your physical body and your emotions are all contributors to your state of health and wellness.

I believe that Self Love is the foundation for everything, great health, thriving healthy relationships and a happy life where moments of joy prevail over pain and sadness.

Some of the issues I can help are:

  • People pleasing and fear of abandonment
  • Loss of personal power and authenticity
  • Identity loss due to prioritizing someone else’s needs first rather than your own
  • Codependency and love addiction
  • Developing and establishing healthy boundaries
  • Recognizing your triggers
  • Conscious actions, not reactions
  • Developing a spiritual practice and reconnecting with your Higher Self
  • Living from your heart and spirit, not your ego
  • Separation blues
  • Getting over and expired relationship


The list goes on and on as I have been through so many of these issues myself. I am not perfect, I am a work in progress. The work never ends but it has to begin somehow and it has to come from your willingness to change and do the work. Together, we can make it happen.

Let us all live in a Higher sate of Love and wellness!

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