Luke Pryor


I original worked in elite sport as a sport scientist/strength coach after completing my exercise science degree. After realizing there was more to life than the pointy end of elite sport I went back to university to complete my studies to become a psychologist. Like most people that study human behavior I wanted to know what made people tick, why do we do what we do? Today both fields influence my approach to health, wellness and flourishing. When the mind and body are working in harmony amazing transformations can take place.

I personally have overcome childhood trauma and battled addiction and depression. I choose to view these personal challenges as strengths in my coaching as it allows me to empathize and connect with my clients on a deeper level throughout their own struggles. I feel my education and life experience provides a unique opportunity to work with people experiencing, addiction, trauma, mood disorders, health and lifestyle issues and working through major life transitions.

Specialty areas

- Beating Depression
- Improving health and fitness (weight loss, Body image, balance, achieving fitness goals)
- Connecting people with their values to find more meaning and purpose in their lives.  


In my personal time, you will most likely find me trying to make the most of my precious time on this planet of ours, spending time outside in nature, running trails or ultra-marathons, traveling in my van and exploring alternative lifestyles. You can also get in touch and keep up to date with my adventures via my blog  

Take a chance and embrace life’s struggles. Because it is in this struggle that amazing growth is possible. If any of the above resonates with you, please get in touch because I would love to help you transition through this process. We are stronger when we don’t do this alone.  

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