Mark Rabbitt (Catalyst Instructor)


I am relentlessly devoted to empowering leaders and aspiring leaders.

People say you can’t teach confidence. I completely disagree. I’ve seen too many examples first hand of men and women increase their confidence and produce predictable results to prove otherwise.

I teach, mentor, and coach at all levels in Leadership Development from experience grooming young recruits seeing and feeling their confidence and courage rise during bootcamp as a Drill Instructor in the United States Marine Corps to all the way to the top advising two 2 Star Major Generals on tough decisions increasing moral courage & character to make the hard “right” instead of the easy “wrong”.

In the Marine Corps, we are known to get the most done with the least among all the Armed Forces. I am direct and use a systematic approach as well as use my skills in mediation, conflict resolution, team building, and leadership development to push you when you need to be challenged and encourage you when you need to be lifted up.

My style is not for everyone, it’s for those who have a burning desire to improve their performance and become a great leader. If you are committed to being the best leader for your team, family, & community, then working together could be the most transformational and impactful time of your life that will propel you to even greater heights faster than what you thought possible.

I believe in improving all aspects of your life. Professional success without personal success in your health and relationships is failure. I am married and the proud father of two sons. We reside in Oceanside, CA.

For a select few of you, you know you’re ready for me to take you to a whole new level and all I have say is “Come’on. Let’s go!”   For some of you, this resonates with you and peaked your curiosity but not sure if you ready for me yet, if this is you then I invite you to a conversation with me on how I can help you and to see if we are a fit. For the rest of you, if this does not resonate we have plenty of well qualified talented coaches here for you to choose from.

If you’re up to the challenge contact me today to incorporate my Transformational Leadership that will have you and your personnel emotionally and mentally engaged to see measurable and predictable results. I understand and have experienced leading and being part of high performing teams and infuses myself into each and every training event and private 1-on-1 client that I work with.


Mark Rabbitt - U.S. Marine Corps (Ret) Master Sergeant E-8, 22 years, 4 months and 8 days

Jobs performed:

Diesel mechanic - Maintenance management manager - Advanced Diesel mechanic - Drill Instructor – Training the future of the Marine Corps - Motor Transport Maintenance Shop Chief/ Supervisor - Legal Administrative Chief - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructor - Equal Opportunity Advisor (1 of 38) in the entire Marine Corps

Crossfit Journey:

2008 Level 1 Cert - 2008 Business Affiliate Cert Only 2 ever held

2009 Nutrition Cert Robb Wolf - 2009 Running/ Endurance Cert

2010 Mobility Cert - 2010 Olympic lifting Cert - 2010 USAW Weightlifting Cert

2013 Crossfit Defense Trainer and Athlete’s Course

2013 PDR Personal Defense Readiness Coach under Tony Blauer's SPEAR System


Graduate of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute - EOA Course.

Department of Defense - Certified Mediator.

Department of Defense - Special Emphasis Manager's Course.

Department of Defense - Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor's Course.

USDA Graduate School - Equal Employment Opportunity Counseling.

Justice Center of Atlanta - Certified Mediator.

Cornell University - Mentors in Violence Protection (MVP) Train the Trainer.

JTS Advisors - Certified Accountability Coach

Franklin Covey - Leadership Expedition Facilitator- Core Values Inside-Out.


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