Melissa Drake


Melissa Drake is a Life Transition Catalyst — Coaching Women Through Life’s Tough Transitions to Stability and Health.

Melissa's expertise comes from her own life experience. She has overcome 20 years of depression, complications stemming from over prescription, and two debilitating chronic illnesses.  Following the loss of both parents, she walked away from a high-powered corporate job to pursue a life filled with passion, meaning, laughter and dancing.

Melissa is also one proud mamma bear. She has a son who she raised as a single mom and also claims a tribe of young men as her own.  Together, they are known as “Mama and the Boys.”

Melissa's fierce, charismatic charm will immediately make you feel welcome and hopeful. Melissa knows what it takes to change your life from the inside out and she wants everyone to experience a Brilliant Transformation.

Connect with her at or on Facebook at Brilliant Transformations by Melissa Drake

Shine Through Your Brilliance and Transform YOUR Life Experience.  Connect with Melissa today!

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