Pedro Pinto


I'm Pedro Pinto, 39, your coach that wants to challenge you to be and achieve all the barriers in your life; I want to be at service making your even better than you already are.


You are not broken, and you have all the resources within you; together we will unlock them, and make you be your true self, the real you.

Most of the times our Ego assumes the command and makes us believe that we're not enough, we can't achieve what we set ourselves to, but that's just a lie.


Do you want to free yourself from all the demons, and live a meaningful life? Are you sure?

I want you to partner with me, let's draw a new path, a brand new life for you where freedom, awareness, and all the issues that are present in your life are just milestones; we'll get there and surpass them.
There's no limit: you can change your beliefs, you can overcome your anxiety, you'll be loved and love, your career will skyrocket.
Don't doubt yourself, take the first step today.


Areas of Expertise:

- Mindful living;
- Career Development;
- Conquer your fears: Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma;
- Relationships: Why? What? When? - Love and be loved;
- Discover your inner self;
- English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.
- The Angry Therapist Catalyst Course;
- Erickson International College “The Art & Science of Coaching.”


Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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