Hi, I’m Phyllis! I hope to bring my ‘older woman’ experience and my counseling expertise to Team Angry. In addition to big life topics I hope to contribute here (divorce, parenting, 40s and dating…) I have a Master’s in Counseling & Human Development and have been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1997 in Northern Virginia/DC area. I work with couples and individuals and specialize in family building. That means infertility, adoption and child free living. It was clear to me after dealing with infertility myself that the mental health field was lacking, so I set about changing it and set up my private practice over 12 years ago. I have been dealing with the shock, grief and difficult choices presented with infertility ever since.

I have a passion for what I do and like the passion of The Angry Therapist. Its contagious and I want it to spread. If family building has left the bedroom, or infertility has entered your life, drop me a line. I also work with people considering donating egg or sperm, women considering egg freezing because Mr. Right hasn’t arrived. and those considering adoption because you are part of a same sex couple.

It’s an adventure, and believe me, it IS an adventure – take your hands off the safety bar and FEEL it instead of gripping so tightly in fear that you miss it! (And when you get stuck, John will make you jump anyway – that’s why Team Angry is excellence in real time!)

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