Sean (addiction)


I’m here to work with folks who want to share on addiction, specifically the sex-love-and-relationships kind. I’ve found that these kinds of addiction are rooted in a “broken” or adversely developed sense of intimacy. We love too much or too little and turn to alternatives like porn and compulsion, isolation, and repetition. We find ourselves locked in the tractor-beam of codependency; we act “in” or act “out,” instead of healthily gravitating toward true intimacy.

The compassion people who talk with me seek and need can’t be learned via fear, shaming, or brow-beating, but instead with more compassion. Our conversations can be a safe haven for folks who need an ear to bend; or they can be constructive feedback sessions. I’m not a therapist, but I can be a sounding board, reflecting back what I hear in others’ stories. And in that dialogue, maybe some self-care can be gleaned; maybe some grist for the mental and spiritual mill can be ground.

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