Self Leadership Program


In this program I will help you increase your income and your confidence in the fastest way I know how.  
The program will be a 4 week guided program.  I've created a short, yet, intense training so that I could mentor and groom each person that desired to be the best version of themselves and to be the best leader they can be.  
You will build Self Reliance, Self Respect and Self Discipline, so that, you can lead yourself and others effectively.  This impacts your life and your business in a healthy way.  Make long lasting and enduring relationships with your loved ones and your clients.  You'll be a hero at home and become a referral magnet at work. 
You'll make more money and ultimately be self fulfilled in all you do.
I am taking each person on this personal journey that we both co-create together. 
This 1-on-1 experience has the opportunity to change your life forever.  
Are you up for the Challenge?  These results are Earned, they are never Given!
If you're interested in working with me privately to dramatically increase your confidence and performance, please sign up today. 
This program at the Group Pricing of only $500 for all TAT members and those interested in taking their life and or their business to the next level.  
Here is what you get:
1.  4 Weekly 30-35 Minute Audio Recordings.
2.  Accompanying Workbook.
3.  4 X 45 Minute coaching calls to take you from the knowing and understanding the material to owning it by daily practice.
Look forward to hearing from you shortly.
To your success,

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