TANTRUMS.  A workshop for parents.


  • Four 1-hour group sessions
  • Worksheets and Materials
  • 4 individual email correspondence/person, for personal or specific questions regarding topics

“Screaming and whaling and crying, oh my!”  If you are a parent, you are most likely more familiar than you’d like to be with the good-ol’ tantrum by now.  

Why do kids tantrum?  Tantrums work!  

Let’s be honest, even as rational, intelligent, level-headed adults, we throw a fit every once in a while when we’re overworked or do not get our way.  

Your child having a meltdown is your child’s way of telling you, “Dad…Mom…I need some help!”  HOW we help is the tricky part.  Both as a caregiver, and a therapist, I have been hit, punched, slapped, bit, spit on, pushed down and had (…you name it…) thrown at me during both adult and child tantrums…  Let’s just say I quickly discovered what did not work.    

In this 4-week long workshop series, we’re going to discuss:

Week 1:   “I’ve tried it. It’s just not working.”

Your Efforts Why Are So Exhausting…And Preventing the Inevitable

Week 2: Just like monsters, tantrums get BIGGER when we feed them…

Managing YOUR Feelings About Your Child’s Feelings

Week 3:  “I know, this is frustrating…”

Validating Your Child So They Know You Care

Week 4:  “I said no...”

Confidently Setting Appropriate Boundaries With Your Child


: $390

Lindsay Burke, M.S.

Director of Early Childhood Education Programs Behavior Intervention Supervisor

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