Thomas Barnhill


I have always been deeply curious, if not a little obsessed, about transformational experience and how to find the deepest, truest self. I've lived an uncommon life, ranged far and wide and benefited from connecting with some world-leading teachers. I'm very excited to step into new work as a Catalyst. I believe that most of our problems emanate from discrepancies between what we aspire to be and what we allow ourselves to be in the world. Unfortunately, in the modern world most of us don't get good instruction or skilled guides on how to reconcile this. More sadly, many of us never even confront these challenges and end up living, as Henry David Thoreau famously said, "Lives of quiet desperation."

Truth is that a life of quiet desperation isn't really living at all. Thankfully, there is a lot we can do to avoid this soul crushing trap. I've had the great fortune to live near some of life's most raw edges and the deep honor of knowing a bit what it's like to feel fully alive. I am a life-long athlete, outdoor adventurer and guide. Through that I have visited some of the most remote corners of the globe. I've travelled extensively in Antarctica and Greenland, lived with Native peoples in Arctic Alaska and participated in Native ceremonies all over North America. I've run ultra marathons, done extreme ski and snowboard descents, climbed frozen waterfalls, surfed waves on jagged reefs in the South Pacific. That said, I have at other times lived doubting my own capacities, been my own worst enemy or just lacked interest in life or being in the world. I've been depressed, addicted and hopeless.

I am also a Masters-level educated therapist with long-term experience counseling those who have been exposed to severe trauma. This includes so-called at-risk youth, Native and First Nations peoples of North America and over the last years, returning combat veterans from the post 9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. I've helped people shift from the most challenging and difficult times of human experience toward new, fuller possibilities in their lives. By contrast to the typical approach of therapy's what's-wrong-with-you lense, I’m always more interested in what's right with you. I work from a strength-based approach helping you to discover (or rediscover) what makes you feel most alive then co-creating strategies to get there. I draw from positive psychology, a fifteen year meditation exploration and the synthesized sum of my unique life experience to be a penetrating, supportive and seasoned ally for change.

Specific areas where I can be of service to you:

Supporting you to find your authentic self and live your life in alignment with that.

Creating a program of healthful practices in mind, body, spirit. Emotional numbness and avoidant tendencies. Working and moving beyond shame.

Reducing anxiety via a number of modalities based on my own 15+ year inquiry in meditation/mindfulness techniques. Working with past traumas to see opportunities for post-traumatic growth. Confronting depression and reframing the thought patterns and habits that tend to feed it.

Using addictions as a mirror/invitation to a deeper awareness of one's self. Perfectionism, procrastination, performance anxiety and fear of success are other areas where I have personal and professional experience.

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